Deribit Deposit

How to Deposit in Deribit

How to Deposit Bitcoin

Select the “Deposit” tab under “Account” after login.
How to Deposit in Deribit
Copy the deposit address and paste into the platform which you want to withdraw from, or you can scan the QR code to complete the deposit.
How to Deposit in Deribit
This address, as well as all the previously generated addresses, can be used for further deposits. We do not charge a fee for BTC deposits. Don’t send less than 0.001 BTC. The transaction may not get processed.

Your deposit will be credited in a few minutes after 1 confirmations on the Bitcoin network.

Transaction confirmation on the Bitcoin network can take from 1 hour and more if sent with a low fee.

Can I deposit fiat currency like USD, EUR or Rupees etc?

No, we only accept bitcoin (BTC) as funds to deposit. When we are able to accept fiat money, it will be announced additionally. To deposit funds go to menu Account Deposit where your BTC deposit address can be found. BTC can be bought on other exchanges like:, etc.

My deposit/withdrawal is pending. Can you speed it up?

Lately the Bitcoin network is very busy and many transactions are waiting in the mempool to be processed by the miners. We cant influence the Bitcoin network and thus we cannot speed up transactions. Also we cannot "double spend" withdrawals to be processed with more withdrawal fee. If you want your transaction to be accelerated, please try the transaction accelerator.

Are my funds safe?

We keep more than 99% of our customer deposits in cold storage. Vast majority of funds are stored vaults with multiple bank safes.

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